Hybrid Camera
I received an email today that stated Canon has a new Hybrid camera (video & stills) coming in September.

It wasn't stated whether or not it was a new DSLR or a new form factor camera.

It was supposed to be used around the globe shooting promotional video, but due to budget constraints it will not leave Japan.

I am trying to get a bit more info as to what is being classified a “hybrid” camera.

Sony and Panasonic have both shown us new types of camcorders, maybe this is in the same area.

iPad, 5D Mark II and Space Shuttles
This is a fun read.

An Apple WiFi iPad, a Canon 5d Mark II with a WFT-4e II A, a three-year-old linksys broadband router, a first gen REV. A, a Sprint Aircard and some duct tape … watch out, Macgruber, you’ve got nothing on us. And what did all of the above give us? A camera that took wicked awesome photos on an iPad out the window of the Reuters trailer at the Kennedy Space Center and all from the comfort of the Hampton Inn in Titusville, Florida.

Read More: http://scottaudette.com/?p=218

thanks Scott

More Shuttle Stuff
The following is one of our lenses at Lens Rentals Canada that made the voyage to the last space shuttle launch. This is courtesy of Sean Tamblyn

lrcshuttle - New Hybrid Camera & More
Lens Rentals Canada - 800 f/5.6L IS


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  1. In it’s fifth generation version. The Shuttle never had any real replacement technologies added aside from computer hardware upgrades.

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