PocketWizard is happy to announce they have received a file on record with Industry Canada for the legal sale of the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 in Canada.

What does this mean?

PocketWizard MiniTT1's and FlexTT5's are now available for sale in Canada.


thanks kas



  1. Yes, nicely put. I haven’t used Radio Poppers, so I only have a rough understanding of their operation.


    I’ve read stories (on DWF) of these things breaking off, due to a plastic foot. I’m buying the old models until this gets straightened out.

  3. I don’t see how the problems with the new Pocket Wizards are Canon’s fault. As Ed says, Canon designed their flashes a long time before mounting competition between wireless triggering systems pushed the development of the new Pocket Wizards.

    More importantly, PW designed their product to specifically match to Canon’s (not the other way around) and were remiss in releasing this product to the market with its inherent interference problems. I don’t see why people are blaming Canon – they have no obligation here, the PWs contribute to the bottom line of Pocket Wizards, not Canon. It’s like buying Michelin tyres and blaming Ford because you can’t fit them on your Taurus.

    PW have obviously been a great company in the past, but have done themselves and their loyal early adopters a great disservice by prematurely releasing a product that they would have known did not meet the high expectations built from the success of their previous products. It is only because of these expectations that they are able to charge such a premium after all.

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