18-200 Pricing
I waited to comment on the 18-200 until I saw pricing, I thought maybe they were going to kill the 55-250, since it's on backorder in Canada. Then the no USM thing would make sense.

I can see the logic in not wanting to cannibalize higher end EF-S & L lens sales with a kick butt superzoom (like the 28-300L). I know for a fact Nikon has lost additional lens sales because of the “do it all” lens.

Now Canon has priced what appears to be a plastic fantastic lens almost to where the well built (other than the barrel creep) Nikon is. Adding an Ultrasonic Motor can't cost that much, it's been around forever.

Perception seems to say Canon has really dropped the ball on this thing if pricing is correct.

Canon Canada Pricing MSRP

50D Body Only – $1449

50D w/17-85 IS – $1799

50D w/18-200 IS – $2049

18-200 f/3.5-5.6 IS – $749 (No USM?)

A1000 – $229

A2000 – $259

SX110 – $299

E1 – $229 (Huh?)

B&H Pricing on the 50D

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/control … rch&Q=*&bhs=t

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