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New Rebel on February 17, 2009? [CR3]

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It may not wait
I received new information from a couple of sources regarding a new Rebel for PMA. Both sources claim that a new dslr is definitely coming, and the Rebel will be it.

There will be no new pro camera body for PMA they both say as well.

Neither had any information in regards to new lenses.

Waterproof Camera [CR2]

Is Canon going to wise up and release a waterproof/shockproof camera for PMA? One of the sources thinks so.

Panasonic recently launched one and I’m willing to bet Olympus is going to lose a ton of sales because of it (SD Cards instead of xD).

There’s nothing defininitive at this time.


50 responses to “New Rebel on February 17, 2009? [CR3]”

  1. i guess you amazingly enough speak for all photographers and not the 150 or so shooters I talk to each week…
    and you are right – i forgot the 18-200 garbage and the 60 macro which no one buys….
    I don’t carry the 24-70 since it’s one of my least fave L lenses…I carry the 35 and 135 L’s as well as the 100 macro and 16-35 when i need it (not often)
    If frame size is such an advantage then why are so many people begging for FF?

  2. lol…wow, i didn’t know mine would be worth that much… I am a gradstudent after all and my diet and ummm, beverage choices leave something to be desired :P …. you’ve got me thinkg ;)

  3. New ST-E2 transmitter! Come on Canon, you are losing money to Pocket Wizard because your flash system sucks!

  4. I’m planning to buy the 450D soon, but I read somewhere that some 450D have AF problems. It’s pretty expensive here in EUROPE and I don’t know what to do. I could get a 450D with the lastest firmaware or to get a new “470D/500D” with unknow problems.. It’s always the same thing, both cameras will have their own faulty stuff..

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