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New Rebel on February 17, 2009? [CR3]

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It may not wait
I received new information from a couple of sources regarding a new Rebel for PMA. Both sources claim that a new dslr is definitely coming, and the Rebel will be it.

There will be no new pro camera body for PMA they both say as well.

Neither had any information in regards to new lenses.

Waterproof Camera [CR2]

Is Canon going to wise up and release a waterproof/shockproof camera for PMA? One of the sources thinks so.

Panasonic recently launched one and I’m willing to bet Olympus is going to lose a ton of sales because of it (SD Cards instead of xD).

There’s nothing defininitive at this time.


50 responses to “New Rebel on February 17, 2009? [CR3]”

  1. I’m now very glad that I didn’t succumb to my sudden impulse to buy a 450D yesterday. Been thinking about getting a DSLR for awhile now, would’ve been extremely unpleased if I had and then read this!

  2. I’d say in NYC most know what they are talking about – I also love the no link to work or any comment of any intelligence that back up your claim…

  3. If you’re concerned about the Digital Rebel not living up to your expectations, you could always consider another manufacturer’s camera in your price range. Nikon comes to mind.

  4. Yeah but since when have Canon really cared about the top end? All this focus on the lower end to get potential upraders in is all well and good, but it’s pointless if those upgraders end up buying fluff at the top end. Because then you’ll get angry customers and defectors.

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