From the interview with Mr Onda
Reading a bit between the lines during the interview with Dan Chung and Mr Onda, it appears a few new things are coming to the Cinema EOS line and probably to EOS DSLRs as well.

The first being CFast 2.0, a version of Compact Flash announced back in 2008. SanDisk currently makes CFast cards that are capable of writing at 350MB/s. These cards will be needed to record 4K RAW video. It sounds like Canon will be moving towards CFast in their next Cinema EOS cameras, and perhaps DSLRs as well.

Secondly, it seems there's a possibility of a full frame Cinema EOS camcorder coming down the pipeline.  While you can currently get full frame 4K recording (16:9 crop from the full frame sensor) with the EOS-1D C, the C100, C300 and C500 are Super35 sensor cameras.


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