We continue to hear murmurs about a new style of camera coming from Canon ahead of Photokina.

We have touched on this in the past and continue to see mentions of it in our inbox. The problem is we're not hearing about it from known sources, but what we're being told doesn't seem to be wishlist type of stuff that we get from time to time.

A couple of people have said the new camera is video oriented, but will also be a “capable stills shooter” and come with an EF mount. The camera will technically be a “mirrorless” camera, but it won't be part of the EOS M lineup.

This could just be the XC style camera with an EF mount, or it could be something else.

2018 has been a difficult year so far when it comes to confirming information, but a lot of what we're being told from unknown people all seems to be pointing in the same direction.

More to come…

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