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Canon is working on a pro video camera that has a 1x APS-C CMOS sensor able to capture up to 120hz or full frames a sec. Fab specs show 12.1MP. The body will be similar to that of the XL H1 with an EOS mount fully manual controls. Canon is working on 2 lenses for the system launch that have quick video AF motors and be compatible with Instant AF like their current video line. One will be a wide starting at 16mm and the other will be a tele zoom starting at 70mm.

While I can't directly comment on the dSLR video modes being restricted, I believe they are lowering the options for this system to be launched sometime in 2010.  Other specs on the firmware of the camera are: 720p 60,30 1080p, 24, 30 and 60. EF and EF-S lens compatibility including Teleconverters. Will not work with Sigma as the mount communication protocol is somewhat changed, those lenses will have to be sent in for an updated firmware. Tamrons seem to be unaffected or at least not mentioned.  The video format will be a flavor of MPEG 4 with a roof at 56Mbits/sec. Work is being done on a video RAW format that will be 12bit only, and will need a special IO module separate from the default package.

While no pricing has been set, they target under 8k for the base system with the 16mm WIde and 4k or more for the IO module with uncompressed SDI Out and USB 3.

Storage system will be based on the CFast Spec! One Slot Only.

More info available as things progress.

Don't expect EOS vDSLRs to get any better at recording exotic frame rates or get manual control.

Specs may change but I'll keep you updated.


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