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New York Loves Canon

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New York and Canon sitting in a tree…………

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Canon U.S.A. persuaded the state of New York to spend $8 million in taxpayer money to widen a road that will lead to its new headquarters.

About 1,200 people work at Canon’s current U.S. headquarters in Lake Success, Long Island. The imaging company plans to open a bigger office, which will eventually employ 2,000 people, in Melville, further out on the island.

Politicians were desperate to keep Canon from fleeing to New Jersey. As part of a deal to keep Canon in the area, the New York State Department of Transportation agreed to add one lane each to the service roads between exits 48 and 49 off the Long Island Expressway. Canon will also take advantage of some state and local tax breaks.

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14 responses to “New York Loves Canon”

  1. Well that´s actually a great bargain, I mean how much would cost to the state for 1,200 to loose their job and how much would you invest in order to facilitate 2,000 jobs to be open?.

    Those are 3,200 families spending, investing, etc. money thanks to their jobs, plus how much money the state will get from Canon? a sh·tload!

    So: good for everyone!.

  2. I can not agree more with “Lee Wilson”.
    We photographers look things so clearly and go directly to the point.

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