From NAB
Our man on the floor in Las Vegas at NAB 2010 has let us know what's going on.

“What the Canon floor exhibits are showing: Broadcast lenses, HD camcorders, DSLR's, Real IS LCOS projectors, large format Prograf & Pixma printers.

On hand to play with in the booths: HD studio lenses, IS zoom HD field lenses, cinema style primes and zooms, remote control robotic pan/tilt/zoom HD cams, Canobeam HD wireless video transceiver, telephoto HD lens for stereoscopic 3-D HD camera rigs and IP video security cams.

Notably, the featured cams are the 1D IV, 5D II and 7D. No showing of the 1Ds line at all (not hard to figure out why). Also, 5D II still being pushed as though it came out yesterday.”

That should let you know that the 5D Mark II isn't going to be replaced in 2010. You'll be waiting for the 5D Mark III into 2011.

5D Mark II Does House
Old news by now, but here it is.

The 5D Mark II was used to shoot the entire season finale of House.

Canon Expands the Explorers of Light
Canon has added some cinematographers to their Explorers of Light.

New folks on board? How about Alex Buono, Russell Carpenter,  Rodney Charters, Crescenzo Notarile, Damien Strohmeyer & Shane Hurlbut.

Official press release and bios here:


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  1. I love how Vincent Laforet is NOT one of Canon’s new cinematographers Explorers of Light.

    And Vincent put Canon on the map regarding DSLR Video.

  2. I’m 99% sure that Laforet is already an Explorer of Light.

    That aside…


    Makes sense, actually, considering that pro’s like Rodney Charters (24), Greg Yaitanes (House), Vincent Laforet (etc.), Shane Hurlbut (Terminator Salvation) have been pining for cinema style lenses that’ll actually let them pull focus accurately for a while now. If Canon doesn’t do something, they’ll pretty much be handing over pro lens sales to Zeiss for their ZE/ZF/Compact Primes series.

  3. The cinema style primes are for 2/3″ video cameras. They are not new.

    Vincent Laforet is a photographer.

    Calling him a cinematographer and putting him in the same league as someone like Rodney Charters is completely stupid.

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