5D Mark II Firmware Upgrade
Expect a new firmware upgrade for the 5D Mark II to address the “iris jitter”.

Timeframe for the release is unknown at the moment.

Do not expect any other functionality to be added (i.e. 60fps).

House & the 5D Mark II
Mitch over at Planet5D reported to me that Fox will only be using the 5D Mark II for special lighting circumstances and for a few other types of shots. Apparently post production costs were as high as standard film with the 5D Mark II's files.

50 f/1.0L
The timing is off for me to buy this thing, but you can. I swear this lens was on the 5D Mark II in the final bathroom scene during the House finale. I could be wrong. :)


Editorial: A Little 1D Mark III Love (Don't yell at me)
Some people are curious about what I'm shooting with.

Well, I sold my 1D Mark IVs and moved back to the 1D Mark III.

Why? I honestly prefer the files from the 1D III. My shooting conditions never triggered the AF issues. It also AF's better in low light than the Mark IV.

I'm also not a pro sports photographer, I had no need to have that much money tied up in camera bodies.

I'm also good with having the 5D Mark II for video. Although my video skills leave a lot to be desired.

So if you want a camera that I feel is better than the 7D in IQ, build & AF's as well, give a 1D Mark III a try. They're getting very inexpensive. I've seen some below $1800 USD.

If you love your Mark IV, I'm happy as heck. It's a great camera. If you want a steal, try a Mark III out.

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  1. Yes, the 50L1.0 iss a nice lens if you are able to work with it. ;)
    Its sitting on my 1DsMkIII right here on my desk. :)

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