7D Next Week around the globe
According to Rob Galbraith, sources and countless emails. The 7D should be shipping to dealers next week in the US and Canada.

7D Features & EOS
Just an interesting note. The Dutch EOSZine (Canon's own monthly journal, www.eoszine.nl) states in its 7D preview (page 12/13) that if the 7D is too expensive “you'll find that all mentioned innovations will be applied in all EOS models in a year time” (rough translation).

thanks Dutch

Samyang 35 f/1.2 for EF
We should be seeing a new fast prime from Samyang early next year. Canon will receive a 35 f/1.2 while other manufacturers receive an f/1.4. Apparently one of the advantages of the EF mount (larger bayonet).

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  1. Does that mean all model’s released after the 7D? I would love for my 5D II to have the new focus system.

  2. …a lot of the innovations will be probably implemented in other EOS products

    The keywords are “a lot” and “probably” so the answer is to your question is no.

    Marcel ;-)

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