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Next Announcement?

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Just thinking out loud here
Canon won’t be attending PMA as we all know, but they WILL be attending WPPI. They can’t be going to WPPI with just the T2i can they?

5D Mark II firmware delays may give a clue as to what is coming down the pipe. Will we get the 60D or the very desired 1Ds Mark IV? I do have a source that swears a 1Ds Mark IV will be around before the end of February.

Again, I’m just throwing this out there.

Another tidbit to think about. Canon has the largest booth at the event and have just launched new ImagePROGRAF printers, The iPF6300/6350 & 8300.

Be patient, they’re coming. :)


249 responses to “Next Announcement?”

  1. Bob – agreed.

    Virtually all of the prime lenses in the 20-50mm range with the 20 year old design need to be brought up to same build quality as the 85mm f1.8. No question about it.

    That’s why I’ve put off buying any of them, even though I do prefer primes for that range. The L lenses are way overpriced and not worth it. If I was a professional, then that would be a different story.

    If Canon got off it’s lazy rear end and did this, they would sell a lot more lenses.

  2. Are those Japanese guys at Canon smarter than those Japanese guys at Nikon or Sony? They all seem to be using different strategies to solve the same problem(s).

  3. Hmmm, the 35mm f/2 is in the same “class” as the 50mm f/1.8. The 50mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.8 are one step up – Canon unfortunately does not have a 35mm in that class, only the 28mm f/1.8.

    In the wide to moderate tele range, I consider the L-class overkill. I want more lenses in the price and quality class of the 85mm f/1.8 and the old 100mm f/2.8 USM – I own both and would not exchange them for any zoom in the world. I also own the 28mm f/2.8 plastic fantastic, and I am _far_ less attached to it.

    For long teles, there is no way around big glass. That is probably why the “one size down” lenses like the 200mm f/2.8, 300mm f/4, 400 mm f/5.6 and 70-200mm f/4 are still in the L-class.

    BTW, I do not know a single xxxD owner that bought a single prime lens. The xxD series used to be the only choice between plastic fantastic and the professional series. This is no longer the case. That is why I expect the 7D to sweep up most of the market for EF-S primes.

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