Fisheye Fun
I'm told Canon has been developing an EF-S fisheye for the last couple of years. It'll be 8mm. We could possibly see the lens in the next few months.

AnnouncingĀ a niche lens along with more mainstream stuff probably makes a lot of sense. What that mainstream stuff is, remains to be seen.

What about the 15mm?
From the same source, there is no plans to replace the EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye.



  1. Was talking to a rep from Lee Filters at the recent Focus show. They have a giant filter unit for the Nikon 14-24mm zoom. An adapter ring fits around the front of the lens, the filter holder fits this and supports 150mm filters. Not completely new but they will have a different adapter ring for the forthcoming Canon equivalent.

  2. i agree it is a very good lens and i want to get one if i could, but there are some(by a not small number) saying 14-24 zoom lens is better than a pro-grade prime lens like 14mmL II…which hearing a pro-grade zoom is better than a pro-grade prime is kind of annoying for me…

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