Fisheye Fun
I'm told Canon has been developing an EF-S fisheye for the last couple of years. It'll be 8mm. We could possibly see the lens in the next few months.

Announcing a niche lens along with more mainstream stuff probably makes a lot of sense. What that mainstream stuff is, remains to be seen.

What about the 15mm?
From the same source, there is no plans to replace the EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye.


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  1. i was hoping for a super wide primary lens like 14mmL markIII-so it could stop all the bragging about 14-24 i being hearing…so annoying

  2. Except when the darn thing break when you are on vacation in Greece. Focus ring locked up on me, it was under warranty but still missed out. Lots of CA with the Tokina and it never really gets sharp. Canon can do much better.

  3. rectiliner is “non-fisheye” you tool.

    and the dude above wasent talking about EF he was talking about EF-S.

    cause there are no ultra wide primes for crop sensor cameras

  4. Mine conked out on me in Bali, about one month out of the box. Sent it back for repair to the aperture, then sold it. It’s a great lens but yeah, lots of QA issues. I think it performs better underwater; I barely used it on land.

  5. The 14mm MarkII is one of Canon’s finest. There is no need for another prime lens in that range.

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