It was mentioned in the Nikkei, the worlds largest financial newspaper that both Canon and Nikon are moving towards mirrorless “pro models”.

We guess they are talking about full frame models here.  While short on details, it's another interesting data point about Canon and Nikon's future plans.

From Nikkei, machine translated;

Adopt high-class sensors that Canon and Nikon has on digital single lens reflex as mirrorless cameras. I was reluctant to divert a high performance sensor because I felt the opportunity of demand from the strong brand power of the SLR and the profitability, but I could not overlook the spread of the mirrorless market. Sony also pushes the backs of both companies by pushing out mirrorless and enhancing its presence in the professional market.

Yeah awkward to say the least.

Essentially a short blurb about the fact that Sony's mirrorless cameras are seen on the rise, and Canon and Nikon need to accelerate plans for a full frame mirrorless camera.


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