Launched Quietly
Nikon has launched a new 300 f/2.8. They also launched a new 2x TC alongside it.

These companies seem to be launching stuff when it's ready, instead of on a set schedule. That's good for us!

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  1. David ,
    cool down mate,in order to be unbiased reporter one should appreciate stuff the competition makes better .and this is one reason why many nikon users feel free to visit canonrumours frequently(apart from the reason many of them use canon stuff too). sharing info should be the purpose of sites like these and not fanboy wars. guys like you with silly comments makes it fun to read once a while though ,i must add, plz dont make it your habit to get all worked up hearing the word ” Nikon ” :-).
    chill out and happy snapping

  2. unfortunately it´s just your fantasy dude . but for your info the first canon cam (Hansa) came out with nikkor lens in front of it :-)). the rivalry started back in 30´s when nikon started producing their own cam.

  3. and there is a price difference on almost all the high end glass nikon make, what makes nikons costly is the QC ,the number of times every single lens is checked before it passes is one factor which adds to the cost,remember the price of lenses from leica and zeiss ?, they are that costly because of the number of QC checks and tight tolerence levels practiced by those companies. every check costs time and products cost more ,but you dont get a leamon (in case of lenses) for the price you pay.

    in relation to those “hand made quality” companies, a mass production company ” X ” may do only half that number of checks which saves money and company ” Y ” even half of that what ” X ” does, so for the end user it means cheaper lenses but more “leamons”in the market as far as the number of complaints about the ” Y´s ” products shows (check DPR on AF problems and soft pics threads, most of it comes from ” Y ” brand owners).

    mass production has it pros as well as cons,sometimes you pay more `not necesserily for a better product´ but for less chance of getting a lemon.

  4. Buddy, my post wasn’t intended to be flamebait. I just found it odd that this site, being dedicated to Canon-specific things, would be talking about Nikon gear.

    I am not trying to engage in fanboy wars. I *am* one of the Nikon users who visits Canon Rumors.

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