In a move that the DIY camera enthusiast crowd should welcome, Nikon has launched a repair manuals and parts portal for do-it-yourself camera repairs. This is a significant shift from Nikon's previous policy of not selling spare parts to independent repair shops.

The new portal will provide consumers with access to information on how to repair their Nikon cameras, including step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting guides, and parts lists. Right now only the 28-400mm F4-8 VR is featured in the portal.

The availability of repair manuals and parts is a positive step in the right-to-repair movement, which will give Nikon consumers the ability to fix their own devices. However, it is important to note that camera and especially lens repair can be insanely complex, and Nikon recommends that users only attempt repairs if they are confident in their abilities to put it all back together again. Also I'm not sure about the lens repair, and how that would work without specialized alignment tools – but I guess I should read the repair manual to find out ;)

This is certainly something I'd like to see Canon implement as well, but I'm left a little wondering how repairing a lens will go for the average DIY enthusiast, and whether or not this is just more a PR move, backpeddling over their rather crazy Apple'sque policy of not allowing spare parts to be sold to independant camera repair shops.

Nikon splashes this warning up to anyone that visits the portal.

Please note that Nikon does not provide customer support or assistance for how to repair your product.

Please also note that an incorrect repair performed by you or an unauthorized repair provider may affect your product’s limited warranty and/or cause an increase in the fee if you request service from an authorized Nikon service center.

Damages caused by repairs performed by persons other than authorized Nikon service technicians are not covered by any Nikon warranties. Such damage may cause future repairs to be subject to out-of-warranty costs or may render your product ineligible for future repairs by Nikon.

Failure to follow the repair instructions in a Nikon repair manual or use appropriate Nikon parts and tools may damage the product or affect the product’s functionality, and may also cause safety issues and could lead to personal injury, death, or property damage.

Nikon shall not be liable for any damages, injuries or other liabilities to the product, any person, or any property which occurs as a result of repair, diagnosis, maintenance, or modification performed by you or an unauthorized repair provider, including but not limited to, any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages; any loss of data, privacy, revenue, or profits; or any inability to use, or reduced functionality of, the product.

The TL;DR – You are on your own.

I'll be curious to see how this continues over time and when Nikon does something, Canon is not usually long from doing the same. I could see Canon releasing this first for the R100, because who really cares if you wreck the camera.

via: dpreview

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  1. Canon : So someone wants me to teach them how to wreck & repair R100? nah....I will introduce R1000 and R100 mark 2 just to troll them. Bring me the LEGENDARY 18MP APS-C CMOS and CCDs left 20 years ago.
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  2. This also supports creating an ecosystem of 3rd party repair shops.
    This may be true, but if these are not authorized by Nikon, these will void Nikon’s warranty. It is no coincidence that the text of the warning is almost as long as the announcement.
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  3. I wouldn't dare touching modern lenses. Too complex. Also might introduce dust into them and other crap, no thanks. Insurane helps in case you f*ck up
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  4. I have often performed minor repairs or modifications on mechanical cameras, like installing full matte focusing screens on Leicaflexes, readjusting the Leica M rangefinder or replacing internal cables on my Minolta SRT 101 (non-electric ones!).
    But I wouldn't even think about touching the innards of an electronic digital camera, so much specific knowledge being needed.
    And lenses are taboo anyway, even manual ones (though I've once cleaned the inside of my EF 4/24-70 front lens ). But it was a very easy task, thanks to Lensrentals...
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  5. R100 Mark II would solve alot of issues ;)
    How could such a great camera be improved?
    How to improve perfection? I cannot even imagine a way.
    R 100: the GOAT!
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  6. This also supports creating an ecosystem of 3rd party repair shops.
    And many of them will certainly lack real qualification.
    Gear is too expensive for such risky experiments. If Canon kaputt: Canon repairs!
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