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Nikon D3s vs Canon 1D Mark IV ISO

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It seems the thing people talk most about with cameras today is ISO performance. So here is some examples/tests of the D3s & 1D4 ISO performance.

By the looks of things, Nikon’s D3s is definitely outperforming the Mark IV at high ISO.

See for yourself:

I cannot vouch for the tester/reviewer here.


306 responses to “Nikon D3s vs Canon 1D Mark IV ISO”

  1. raising the bar is good for consumers only if the price goes down,otherwise all you are getting is minor updates and u end up paying much more for every new gen cam.

    as it stands right now canon is trying to catch up nikon not only in the technical stuff but on pricing level also,we are paying too much for cams at pro level from both companies simply because there aint a third company to challenge them.

    a 7D + a better AF + Body + 1 to 1 1/2 stop better iso = 1dMK4 and you pay how many 1000$ more?

    a nik d700 + a better body + 1 stop iso = d3s . a few 1000$ more,
    why cos no other brand makes a good enough com to compete

  2. Just looked it over… apparently the 32 mp 1Ds Mark 4 is supposed to have the same noise levels as the 16 mp 1D Mark 4. Scaling based on pixel count, the 32 mp 1Ds Mark 4 has eight thirds the pixels of the D3s. That should come up to about one and a third stop from pixel count, and the 1D Mark 4 on a second look is 2 stops distant from the D3s. That comes out to two thirds of a stop difference post-noise reduction / scaling, making the 1D Mark 4 very competitive with the D3s on high iso noise.

  3. First off, the 7D isn’t at the same level of the D700, in terms of price and specs (especially in relation to sensor size) you have to compare the 5D MkII and the D700, and in that respect, the price to go up from either of those to the MkIV or the D3s is the same.

    I HATE pixel peepers, it’s because of you guys that there aren’t any real substantial upgrades in these camera tiers in terms of dynamic range, speed, ergonomics, features and innovation. Stop peeping, just stop. Isn’t there other ways to judge a camera? I’ve been asking that for like a year now and no one wants to give me an answer, they just want to argue over ISO performance at ISO 12800 and higher. Who uses that ISO range anyway, I never would. I would probably never use anything over 400 or 800. Why would you? Doesn’t anyone use a flash? It isn’t hard you know, and you can get great shots with a flash that look like you’re ambient light. I don’t get it, maybe I’m old fashioned from the days of film when you didn’t want to go over 800 ISO. Oh well, have fun peeping, I’ll have fun shooting, and worrying about the right angle, instead of how my camera is going to perform at an ISO level I’m never going to use.

  4. Did not notice if discussed somewhere here already but wondered why in the 1D4 EXIF there is “Software: Digital Photo Professional” even though claimed to be directly from the camera.

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