It seems the thing people talk most about with cameras today is ISO performance. So here is some examples/tests of the D3s & 1D4 ISO performance.

By the looks of things, Nikon's D3s is definitely outperforming the Mark IV at high ISO.

See for yourself:

I cannot vouch for the tester/reviewer here.


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  1. high ISO is hugely important to us event/wedding photographers. I can’t fire powerful flashes/studio strobes inside a catholic church. Yet now with the D3/D700 class camera’s I can get amazing stuff for the couple even in super dark churches. That said, I would love a wider dynamic range (i *am* a weddding photographer. lol). Nikon Ergonomics are great.

    We need more/better video functions, iso 3200 IQ at 25,600, more DR, and *much* better WB and auto-WB.

    Oh, and lower prices :)

  2. Totally agreed, Canon’s 5D series has always been a massive winner, and in my eyes Canon’s best cameras have always been the 5D & 5DMK II. Fantastic balance of size, weight, functionality and price. High Iso/Noise wise it also outperforms the MK4 according to DXOMark which is in my opinion absolutely reliable.

    As a Nikon user i must say i feel safe at the moment with my choice in brand. As a landscape / low-light action photographer the 5DmkII is the only real competitor to the entire Nikon lineup, compared to the D700 it serves better as a landscape camera. Just depends weather i feel like doing landscape / low light, id rather have both!

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