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Nikon D5000?

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If the specs are tr.ue
If the specs for the D5000 are true, Canon appears to be getting their proverbial butt kicked from a perception standpoint.

  • Bali-angle LCD, 2.7 inch?
  • D movie image editing and enhanced scene mode
  • Silent Mode AF
  • 11-point target tracking AF
  • ISO3200high sensitivity support

I’m not a spec person, but for an entry level camera.. specs can lead to sales. Consumers love specs!

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  1. I have shot on the 7d2 and the video codec (h.264) unleashes hell for compatibility sake when trying to use a pc. Lots of conversion work. So honestly, in a cineform workflow, this codec, though old, makes it much easier to convert to a more useable format for say after effects and premiere.

    Just to add, I am also proficient in avid and final cut. There are advantages to each of these. CS5 will improve premieres competitiveness.

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