If the specs are tr.ue
If the specs for the D5000 are true, Canon appears to be getting their proverbial butt kicked from a perception standpoint.

  • Bali-angle LCD, 2.7 inch?
  • D movie image editing and enhanced scene mode
  • Silent Mode AF
  • 11-point target tracking AF
  • ISO3200high sensitivity support

I'm not a spec person, but for an entry level camera.. specs can lead to sales. Consumers love specs!

From Nikon Rumors


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  1. I have mixed feelings about this camera. The bottom-swivel LCD is more attractive than a fixed LCD (of the same resolution), but I prefer the side-oriented articulation of the Oly E-620. Having seen the video from the D90, I’m not very attracted by that feature. And the D5000 isn’t that much smaller than the D90, which remains a superior camera and ships with a more useful kit lens. It seems to me this is aimed at first-time buyers. Those who are more familiar with camera features and have a better understanding of what’s on the market will go with the D90.

    That said, amongst those looking only in this price range, I think this camera will compete very well with the T1i/500D, which doesn’t impress me too much. Nikon have done well with the market positioning of their products recently (D300/D90/D5000), giving those considering Canon plenty of good reasons to go with Nikon. In fact, most of the people I know or have seen with DSLRs have Nikon. At some point Canon will have to compete more aggressively in order to maintain their market share.

  2. It won’t be better speced. All Canon have to do is supply a fully articulating screen with the 2000D while at the same time keeps the screen resolution at 230K. This will better differentiate the product from the 500D and give it more character rather than merely being a re-badged 450D.

  3. I have shot on the 7d2 and the video codec (h.264) unleashes hell for compatibility sake when trying to use a pc. Lots of conversion work. So honestly, in a cineform workflow, this codec, though old, makes it much easier to convert to a more useable format for say after effects and premiere.

    Just to add, I am also proficient in avid and final cut. There are advantages to each of these. CS5 will improve premieres competitiveness.

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