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Nikon D800 Outed?

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I realize this is Canon Rumors, however a massive megapixel Nikon DSLR is relevant. We didn’t get such a feature from the 1D X, maybe this is what’s coming with the next 5D.

Nikon D800
We & NR reported ages ago that Nikon was going to release a giant megapixel camera. The announcement date seems to have moved around a lot.

Nikon Rumors has a purported image of the the camera, and a spec list.

Specs from NR

  • Smaller and lighter than D700
  • Resolution: 7360×4912 (36MP)
  • CF+SD memory card slots
  • Slightly larger display
  • Excellent video quality, better than D3s
  • Video modes: 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24
  • AF identical to D3/D700

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