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No Announcement Tomorrow? [CR1]

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New Info
I received some info that the “Special Epic Event” will in fact be a wedding photography seminar.

We’re told no 60D announcement on July 13, but expect it in August.

We shall see.


22 responses to “No Announcement Tomorrow? [CR1]”

  1. Hypothetically, if a 60D would be announced today, when would it be available for sale, and when would it, approximately, be available in Europe?

  2. Wow, cool. We have a CR1 rumour about a product announcement and another CR1 rumour about no announcement. Well, one of them will have to turn out right so its source will deservedly receive CR2 next time.

  3. This site is frustrating and the predictions are ridiculus. All the predictions are CR0, that is the true.

  4. This site keeps on losing its credibility.. and I thought cr guy was doing a better job than nikon rumors, as they are posting way less rumors, then i realized, every RUMOR they post is DEAD ON ACCURATE

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