Canon not selling to Ritz isn't part of the bankruptcy proceedings. The issue is Ritz got to write-off a ton of debt to Canon.

Canon & Ritz couldn't work out a new deal before the Christmas season.

Thanks for the clarification Eric

Not until 2010 at the earliest
Canon will not be selling them any new stock for the Christmas season to Ritz Camera. Canon will sell to the retail chain during Q1 2010 at the earliest.

Ritz will be sending existing Canon stock to the “Ultra Store” locations. Apparently they're for the higher end gear.


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  1. woah… better out there than Canon? I hope you are only referring to Nikon… I work for Ritz and they say that the new spelling for Canon is, S-O-N-Y. Oh hell no. Sony cameras are spelled C-R-A-P, look it up. Nikon and Canon are top two, and you cannot go wrong with either. Something for the dog to chew up or a paperweight,… better be Sony.

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