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Nothing to speak of

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There’s nothing going on in Canon land at the moment. I’m digging up nothing.

70-200 2.8L IS II
I did received an email claiming the 24th of November WAS correct but an announcement has been delayed until January.

A couple of stores in Canada I spoke to that had long backorders on 70-200 f/2.8L IS say they finally got a couple of lenses. This also happened to them shortly before Nikon announced their replacement.

Bored? Howabout a 3D Rumor?
“According to my friend after canons “disappointment” with the 7D they will be releasing a full frame version in mid-late 2010.”

Yeah, I’m stretching here… but I hate not updating the site. Have some fun :)


52 responses to “Nothing to speak of”

  1. I think you are right about a FF 3D. However, an APS-H 3D would make a lot of sense in the lineup. And the 1D mkIV AF system really only works at its best with f/2.8 and a very few selected f/4 lenses. For most of Canons lenses, the AF sensors are line sensors and not cross sensors. I think I would prefer the 19 cross sensors of the 7D (3D) over the many lines ensors of the mkIV. So, yes, a 3D could have a place in the lineup.

  2. For me the 7D has been the best camera I have owned and used to date. I have owned the 20D,40D & 50D and there is no question the pictures are truly amazing on it, and I would never go back to the 50D. Some people might have had a bad copy, but I also beleive that majority of the issues are user error. The 7D is a diffrent camera and takes about a month to figure it out. Watching the B&H Video on the 7D really helped me alot. A semi-pro photographer friend of mine shot with the 40D and bought a 7D also,, has never used the 40D again.. going to buy a second 7D because it is that good. The features IQ is excellent. Forget about this stupid reviews of images being soft. My 40D was soft and focus was terrible. If you set the right picture settings on the 7D, even the .jpg files are great out of it. If you shoot raw, and process the image,, you get excellent results.

  3. I think Canon is still old fashion and all they want is to win the megapixel war. Stupid canon all u have to do is to put 12mp in 7d and everything should go well. Stupid!!!

  4. “…an 18mp 8fps Full frame sensor in a small body and a cheap price would kill the 5d mark II, 1D mark IV, and 1Ds mark III…

    Well, the question is whether Canon wants to produce and sell such a killer camera, or continue sticking it’s head in it’s …. err, in the sand…. and let Nikon or Sony produce and sell such a killer camera without a Canon competitor.

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