Camera RAW 5.6 Beta vs Camera Raw 5.5
Photoframd has posted some comparison images of various RAW converters for the EOS 7D files.….

“The First” Feature Length Film….

"Everyone's a critic!"
"Everyone's a critic!"

…. made using the 7D….

Disclaimer: I do not fact check “The first” claims.

Darwin Wigget's 7D Review… the counterpoint
Pro Photo Home has posted a retort to the claims made by Darwin Wigget and his review of the 7D.

Pro Photo Home seems to be doing tests at f/5.6 & f/16. I think the issue with the 7D was in the f/8 to f/11 area. Most seem to be saying that diffraction sets in with larger apertures on the 7D compared to the XSi.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but check it out.….

Old News, I forgot to post it
Here is Lee's solution to filtering (some filters) ultra wide angle lenses.….

The bad news? You still can't use a polarizer. There is a company working on a solution so you can actually polarize these lenses as well.

thanks James


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  1. I have a 5d(classic) and a 450d xsi…my xsi deliver photos way better than the crops posted on the review. The xsi samples look out of focus.

    Oh well! Now I will wait for the CANON EOS MIX

    It will have 7d AF

    Full frame like 5d

    Hight iso and speed 1d markIV

    12 megapixels 450d xsi

    video capabilities 5d mark II

    Intuitive like n…ops


  2. that is no suprise to me as most of his shots are taken with a 500d because of the crop factor. the 7d exceeds the 500d so it would be the natural replacemnet.

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