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7D at DXO Labs
DXO labs has added data for the 7D to their database of camera rankings.…..

They have also added data for the G11 & S90…..

thanks Michael


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  1. Does the time it takes for a car to go from 0-100km/h (or 0-60mph) have any bearing on how long it takes to go from 100km/h-0 (or 60mph-0)?


    What does this mean in this instance?

    Each measurement that DxO do is a measurement of something specific and how a camera performs in one does not necessarily relate to how it performs in another.

    The 50D results seem suspect because if you compare them with the 7D, it looks like ISO100 is missing from all of the tests. They’ve already corrected one goofup with the 50D, maybe another is in order.

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