1D Mark IV Delivery?
I've received a couple emails that state Canon will begin shipping Mark IV's mid next week. I have nothing 100% confirmed.

Lots of 60D questions. I haven't received any super solid information.

Some things that have popped up over the last month or so. I [CR1] all of this.

1) 60D will be launched in the Spring 2010 and shipping before summer
2) Upgraded 15.1mp sensor
3) 720P video at 24, 25, 30 & 60 fps (No 1080p mode)
4) Same AF system as the 50D with some AI tweaks.
5) 6.3fps remains.

As I said, not much is too solid at this point.

I've had a lot of emails saying how happy people would be if a 600 f/4 DO actually gets made. If they correct the low contrast shown in the 400 DO, we could have a big winner.

I did receive an email saying we'd see 2 new fisheyes launched in 2010. One for APS-C and one to replace the 15mm fisheye.


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  1. How about a new body with these specs

    12mp FF (improved sensor from the 5D1)
    9 Point AF all crosstype/center F2.8
    Digic 4
    720p 24,30,60fps
    1080p 24fps
    3″ 920K Dot LCD
    Sub $2000

    How I wish. Hehehe

  2. I think that a 500mm F/5.6 IS would be something that would be possible without being stupidly expensive and heavy.

    Additionally a 500mm F/5.6 could (eventually) fit into the price gap between the 400mm F/5.6, 300mm F/4 and 100-400mm and the 300mm F/2.8.

    I know a lot of birders would buy one in a flash.

    A 600mm F/5.6 will still be fairly heavy and expensive.

  3. These specs are nonsense. Why? Because there’s no real difference to the 50D, and of course a 60D will come. Do some people really think that Canon will stay with this lineup, with such a gap between 500D and 7D?
    No, the 60D will most probably be a scaled down 7D, meaning:
    – lower fps
    – stripped down video
    – smaller VF
    – no weathersealing (to this extent)
    – only one CPU

    But AF and other general improvements will remain, so will some of them dripple down to the Rebels.

  4. I’m fine with a lower FPS around 6fps for the 60D.

    I can live with the 97-98% VF; stripped down video is fine with me as well.

    I hope its priced around $1200. :)

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