2 different people have written in saying there will be 3 separate announcements in 2011. One will be for PowerShot, the other for a DSLR(s) with 2011 availability and an announcement for a product that won't be available until 2012.

A 5D Mark III will definitely get it's own marketing push.

200-400 Availability
I get lots of questions as to when this lens will be announced.

It was only announced as an “in development” product, it hasn't been officially announced as a consumer product. I predict we won't see these in the wild until at least Q2 2012.

Error Correction
I worded my post about PowerShots incorrectly recently. There is in fact CMOS PowerShots, I was alluding to a CMOS sensor in the flagship PowerShots. Sorry about that.

New Article
I've posted another article written by Roger over at “How to test a lens”, it's a fun read if you're a geek like most of us.

A new profile will appear shortly as well. He's a very interesting guy.

Calm before the storm
Things are slow to come in at the moment. Based on past experience, this is the calm before my inbox gets hammered with rumors.


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