4D & 7D
From Sweden:


I think I remember someone saying anyone can create UPC's on that site. So….. :)

More from Sweden:
http://www.kamerabild.se/bloggar.asp?in … _id=31#173

Reader translation, I am not Swedish..

The blog is in swedish, but I can try to make a very quick translation in very rough words. He claims that the information is just speculation after alot of talk with Canon-coworkers, except the date then.

He says that Canon is a little bit disappointed that the 40D isn't selling as good as they thought. Canon thinks it's as good as the Nikon D300 but cheaper. This he means can lead to an upgrade to a 50D where the have fixed the faults with the 40D with a bigger screen and an AF-ON button.

He then continues to write about how Nikon uses the high ISO 25600 with the ISO 200 as a base in the D700. That he means would perhaps make it possible for Canon to make us of a good result with ISO 6400 with ISO 100 as base.

In the comment-area he explains how he think of the higher MP-rating and how the 5D and 1D Mk II N get's its sensor from the same wafer when made. So that why he think there might be a possibility for a 16 MP for the “new” 5D as it perhaps might use the same sensor as in the 1D Mk III and with the diffrens in APS-C and APS-H sensor-sizes.

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