Canon X-Ray Camera
I didn't know such a thing existed, I'd like to add it to the collection. I'll wait for a cheaper auction.….

Thanks Cape

Camera Raw 5.3 & Lightroom 2.3 Betas
You can download the beta's of Camera Raw 5.3 and Lightroom 2.3.

Thanks Ed

Olympus Rumors
It's being said Olympus may be releasing 2 Micro 4/3 cameras at PMA. I only write about this because I want the rangefinder shaped orange one Olympus displayed at Photokina. The Panasonic G1 is far too busy and “techie” for what I desire. I think a lot of other Canon users will be interested in such a camera.

The coming M4/3 20mm f/1.7 would go fantastic with it.

Read more about it at 1001 Noisy Cameras.

If enough of us buy them, maybe Canon will make one for us. Doesn't hurt to wish.


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  1. Regarding the alleged “Canon X-ray camera”: it takes an image of a phosphor screen illuminated up by incident X-rays. A 100mm lens that apparently can be fixed firmly to some portholewould probably give a rather flat image with little distortion. X-rays are not diffracted by glass lenses, but by crystal lattices, as used intentionally in X-ray diffraction.

    A somewhat similar set-up is used by older transmission-electron microscope (TEM) instruments: a regular photo camera (nomen est omen!) takes a picture of a phosphor screen.

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  2. PMA’s moved back to March again? damn. I’been eagerly waiting for more rumors/announcements…

    both the M1&M100 sound pretty sweet though.

  3. This camera is spectacular! It is so easy to use, takes the absolute best pictures and it’s super fun to use. I’ve read people complaining about the lens cap, it clicks on fine, no problems. The flash works great, if you want more light in low light conditions, buy another flash. The fact that I can record video and then take pictures and zoom in while recording is terrific, I’ve used that a lot. My favorite camera, I LOVE IT!!

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