Nikon not immune?
It appears the Nikon D3x is running into some issues according to Thom Hogan and some other owners of the camera.

Story at Nikon Rumors:…

I don't get too bent out of shape when cameras don't work 100% out of the box. There's so much going on, it's nearly impossible to get it right the first time. Hopefully Nikon irons out the issues and owners of the D3x don't go insane like some of us Canon folks have in the past.

I will say how a company handles issues with their products go a long way with consumers. The 1D3 issues were handled quite poorly by Canon, in contrast I think the 5D2 issues were handled great by Canon. The big reason it went so well is because Canon communicated that they agreed there was an issue, and were working as quickly as possible to fix it.

There will be more issues with new cameras for the rest of time. Lets just hope the companies do right by the consumer.

Prague, Czech Republic
I'm just waiting to board an airplane out of Prague. I had a great time in the city.

There was a photography store in the city that had a Canon Model 7 with a 50 f/0.95 on it. Had it been for sale, I'd probably own it now.

Thanks Prague


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