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270ex 300x189 - Odds & Ends
Speedlite 270EX - With The Tilt

– The 270EX is making its way into peoples hands.

From the folks at Dell (5D Mark III!):
A reader got this response from a Dell employee yesterday in regards to the 5D2.

“My name is Bailey and I am a sales representative here at Dell in the Electronics and Accessories department.  I was informed about your situation and did a little research to try to clear some things up.  It turns out that Canon is currently moving from the 5D Mark II to the Mark III.  The flyer you received was up-to-date, however it appears that Dell may have received news on the transition after the flyer was put together by marketing.
Please let me know which number would be best to reach you on, as well as the time that would be most convenient for you.”

Contain laughter.

60D (older news)
– It's suggested the 60D will get an articulating screen. [NL]

– The 60D will be put on an 18 month product cycle again. [NL]

Niether of which I've received any information on.

Canon Live Learning
Canon just launched this new program in the US! Saturday Mini-Conferences that teach 4 topics (HD Video, Speedlite Creativity, Maximize Your EOS, and Nature/Landscapes) with instructors like Explorers of Light Vincent Laforet, Bruce Dorn, Darrell Gulin and Bob Davis. Sunday Workshops provide hands-on experience with models and partial gear rental.

Check it out!
Canon Live Learning – EOS Essentials

New York: May 30-31
Chicago: June 13-14
Los Angeles: June 20-21
San Francisco: July 18-19
Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, and Dallas: Dates TBD

Here's a discount code FBK09 – $25 off the Saturday Mini-Conference.
Hope to see you there!

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  1. I’m serious!

    The quality of photographers these days is so law that I started wishing that the digital age never come.

    Today people take 1 second to take a photo and 10 hours on their Photoshop fixing their crippled picture. Their HDRS became more and more disturbing that you start believing in Alien planets.

    Today people blame the tools when they miss a shot. What they should of blamed is the fool who actually toke them.

    Today people spend hours on the net discussing photography gear and spec and all that crap. But when it comes to actually photography, most of them afraid to pop the cherry.

    In the past, photographers didn’t have the luxury of advanced auto focusing. They didn’t have the luxury of choosing their ISO on the fly. They didn’t have the luxury of reviewing their images on the camera. They didn’t have luxury of bursting 10 frames per second because their films only had 35 frames. They didn’t have stabilized lenses. They didn’t have weather sealed bodies. They never had anything like Photoshop. But they produced pictures so perfected that should be framed with gold.

    I have a photo wall in my office behind my desk. It contains around 200 images from famous photographers. Only ten of those came from the digital photography era, three of which are portraits for my family.

    People these days forgot the sole of photography and ran after gimmick things like “the sound of the shutter”, “the auto HDR technology”, “the feel of the camera”, “the curves on the grip”, “not having dual memory” …etc. It’s like they are going to have sex with it. These days, nobody is looking at the image, everybody is looking at the camera.

  2. Tell me about it. Take away the auto features and watch them all squirm or ask a DSLR photographer at an outdoor wedding to look at the scene (sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy etc) and tell you what your fstop and shutter speed should be at ISO 100 without looking at a light meter or letting the camera decide – you’d think they were just castrated. But they can come on these camera blogs describing pixel density for each sensor on the market and whine about how Canon crippled their camera and ruined their pictures.

  3. Sycophants: from the greek word sykon describing nikonos fanboiphántēs.

    Dont be so obsequious.

  4. You left out Canon also robbed us all of built in crutches and a wheelchair with power assist.

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