1D4 Frame Rate
An anonymous email says the new 1D4 will be a 12fps camera. This is the reason it is staying APS-H.

New battery and battery grip?

Apparently so.

The Bp-511 has been around a long time and is overdue to be replaced with a chipped and more expensive battery. A new battery grip will contain new ergonomic features. Those features are unknown at this time.

New source says the new Rebel will not have a tilt and swivel screen.

I'm in Cusco at the moment and having a wonderful time. I've only spent 1 full day here.

Thanks to everyone for the donations, I will post a pic of the kids you helped later in the week.


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  1. ok. the high res and high speed bodies will never be the same because no matter how good your processor(s) is you can always use it for smaller files more quickly or bigger files more quickly. simple as that. the bloated part about it is that one costs more than the other. realistically the higher resolution model should cost a little bit more since it is slightly more laborious to construct a sensor with more pixels, but since everything else is (in Nikon’s case) or should be (in Canon’s case) shared components the price difference shouldn’t be 3500-3000 USD it should be like $500.

    also keep in mind these are pro oriented cameras. meaning your better off with a tool that does one thing really well than a tool that does an OK job of everything.

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