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Odds & Ends [CR1]

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1D4 Frame Rate
An anonymous email says the new 1D4 will be a 12fps camera. This is the reason it is staying APS-H.

New battery and battery grip?

Apparently so.

The Bp-511 has been around a long time and is overdue to be replaced with a chipped and more expensive battery. A new battery grip will contain new ergonomic features. Those features are unknown at this time.

New source says the new Rebel will not have a tilt and swivel screen.

I’m in Cusco at the moment and having a wonderful time. I’ve only spent 1 full day here.

Thanks to everyone for the donations, I will post a pic of the kids you helped later in the week.


111 responses to “Odds & Ends [CR1]”

  1. It makes sense to trick all the 1.3 crop fanbois into not crying about having a FF camera. Also, nothing wrong with an in-camera crop feature so you have WYSIWYG shooting through the lens.

  2. Yeah, I understand that when the 1D came out, 1.3 was all that technology allowed. I totally agree with you that it’s now possible to make a high resolution body that covers all bases.
    When Nikon came out with the D3, I thought it was going to kick Canon’s ass into gear and make a similar flagship camera with a bit more pixels, around 16-20mp. And if not, I was considering jumping ship and crossing over when the D3X came out. But what happened? Nikon decided to follow Canon’s bloated footsteps and divide their market into two by limiting one huge factor on it- fps. When are they going to get it right and quit trying to leech even more money from consumers?
    Sorry to sound so jaded, but I just see no justifiable reason for making consumers have to buy multiple cameras for different types of shooting in the digital age, when film choice was the only real deciding factor for how you shot in the past (in the 35mm realm, at least).

  3. very.

    optical zoom 7x? needs to be varies by lens

    10-20 MP? could that be any less specific?

    sensor anti-shake.

    what’s funny is that the 2000D will probably look exactly like that and may very well be called the T1. but that isn’t it.

    my guess is they’re an intermediate supplier who is looking to snatch some cash in pre0orders for a camera that doesn’t even exist yet.

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