2 Full Frame Bodies
The same source that originally told me about 2 full frame cameras still insists 2 are coming for Photokina. Based on the pricing of the 50D and what a high end 5D2 would cost, there is room on the price scale for another camera.

Slapping a new LCD on the current 5D with a DIGIC IV chip would definitely be a hot seller. Nikon has recycled sensors a bunch and clearly the 5D sensor could still be viable for some time yet.

I'm just not as convinced as I once was.

1D Mark X
A new 1D? It's being talked about with a bit more vigor lately. I can't see it coming for Photokina, I just don't think Canon could overhaul an autofocus system that quickly. They obviously have to just for PR sake.

I'm told there is no chance for “n” versions of the 1D and 1Ds. If you think about it, giving the cameras a new LCD and other features without an AF system update is pointless. (My 1D3 focuses fine, we're talking public perception).

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