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Olympus E-P1?

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Sometimes I post stuff about other brands. Stuff I think is cool.

3600641722 562611ab9c - Olympus E-P1?
Front View?
olympus micro four third leaked 590x442 - Olympus E-P1?
Top View?
e p1 - Olympus E-P1?
Side View?

These may be leaked images of the new Olympus Micro 4/3 camera. I think I’ve had it on preemtive preorder for 6 months. I’m quite eager to see it.

From Photo Rumors


29 responses to “Olympus E-P1?”

  1. I’m using Oly Zuiko’s on the 5Dmk II.. GREAT lenses.
    I also used the OM4 which is still the best 35mm body ever imo!
    Its TLL is fabulous and its something I miss on DSLR’s :)

    I’m not into the Oly DSLR’s but this one looks nice. :)
    If it excepts the old Zuiko’s with an adapter it would be heaven. A 21mm F2 on that sucka :)

  2. lol, Sorry mate. But don’t look at me when you see a huge poster of cute chick with lepstick and full makeup holding this camera near to up her face!

  3. True… looking through my OM10 viewfinder, I keep wondering how back in the day Olympus & others made 35mm film _SLRs_ that were pocketable-size, complete with optics that that would today be called “micro”… that was normal size back then!

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