Back and forth we go
A day after seeing signs the 50 f/1.4 was being replaced, I get a few emails saying the lens will remain current for the “foreseeable future”. Who knows how far into the future that is.

B&H has stock again as do most places around the web.

I am in the camp that sees no real reason to replace the lens at this time. It performs beyond its cost the times I have used it.

I downgraded the previous rumor.


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  1. Its been explained before that Canon Rumors has no control over the ads that Google serves up.

    Google is not interested in stopping them, they can legally let them run, and they make money on other peoples misery.

    They are able to do this, because laws that originally were used to allow phone companies, newspapers, and magazines to carry scams also extend to internet ISP’s, and search engines. If they were to become liable for carrying known and obvious scams, it would stop. Google can use its own search engine, for example to find out about advertisers.

  2. That companies get stock is not an indication of the lens continuing to be manufactured. It may be that the lens was sourced from another distributor.

    The only way to find out is to watch sites who tell when they expect new gear. If an item keeps getting new dates, it may be an indication of scarceness. And in some cases that production has stopped and the channel is being emptied.

  3. All the dealer channels are being emptied at this time to reduce costs associated with stocks. On top of this, many camera manufacturers have reduced production because of the lowered forecasts (even though the demand might be higher for a particular item or market).

    Expect lots of out of stock/backordered items all over for the next few months or so.
    If Canon is going to replace any lens, it will be announced before you see the old one disappearing from stores.

  4. Canon has no reason to replace/improve the 50f1.4. If they make it any better then they can officially kiss the 50L (“famous” because of its focus problems) goodbuy. My copy is razor sharp from f1.4 (although spheratic abberation makes the contrast low). From f1.8 all’s good.

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