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Opinion: More on Sony Sensors in Canon DSLRs

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Northlight has confirmed that they to have received the same Sony sensors in Canon DSLRs rumors over the preceding months and years. Like us, they haven’t put much faith into the information. I’m far from convinced this is going to happen, but it’s at least worth discussing. “Whilst a cross licensing or some other arrangement between Canon and Sony isn’t impossible, anything that does happen would be much more complicated than ‘just’ putting a Sony derived FF sensor into a Canon body.” says Northlight. Read more opinion on the topic at Northlight.

Chipworks posted an article about Sony, Nikon and Canon and the future of image sensors a couple of years ago. It’s still a worthwhile read today and may shed some light on the future of image sensors and the collaboration between companies. It’s three parts, be sure to read them all, I am linking the Canon related information. Read it here.


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