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OpticalLimits tests the Canon 70-200 F4L IS II

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OpticalLimits, formerly known as has completed their testing of the Canon 70-200 F4L IS II.

Their conclusion? I think they like it .. and give it their highly recommended seal of approval.

From their conclusions;

The king is dead and, yes, long live the new king. The Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 USM L IS II is everything that the mk I was plus some. It is the perfect playmate for ultra-resolution Canon cameras. It is mostly tack sharp at mainstream settings with no real weakness across the focal length range. Lateral CAs are low and not really an issue. Image distortions can be visible specifically at the long end though and you can spot some moderate vignetting at f/4. If you use digital auto-correction that will be a lesser concern, of course. The quality of the bokeh is Okay for a zoom lens but it has its shortcomings.

Read the entire review here

Also if you are interested in seeing more Canon 70-200 F4L IS II goodness, check out the dpreview sample gallery just posted here.


Oct 1, 2015
always kinda liked the bokeh out of the old one
kira m grad recital march 2018 6868.jpg


EOS 5D Mark IV
Feb 26, 2012
v2 is very sharp and low CA but trade-off is a bit of grunchy bokeh in background transition area... common to a lot of modern OEM lenses.
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Michael Clark

Now we see through a glass, darkly...
Apr 5, 2016
Too many gearheads who don't actually look critically at their own work are bowing at the altar of the flat test chart gods. As long as their favorite testing site says their lens is the "sharpest" they are happy and will defend their lens' honor to the death. Never mind that the only portraiture subject for which edge-to-edge flat test chart performance is a good predictor of suitability is named Flat Stanley.

This has removed smooth bokeh from the list of what a "portrait" lens needs to sell well these days.
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Nov 25, 2015
The sample photo above actually looks pretty bad..nothing is sharp and the OOF areas look nasty!


Nov 25, 2015
ohhh I just realized that for some reason the photographer has focused on her hand instead of her face. Perhaps in the hands of a more competent shooter, images shot with this lens may look more appealing.