Holy cow, there's a camera in there!
This was sent to us from Austin, Texas. The camera came from Precision Camera.

First thing I noticed was the model name on the strap. Some will like it, others won't.


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  1. Oh and to the comment by Dennis:

    “dennis Says:

    November 27th, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    Precision Camera belongs to Adorama, both have the same photo classes etc.”

    The class he is talking about is put out by Photoflex to many photo dealers. They look similar on both of our websites, that is what the confussion was.

    We seem to be getting more lens kits in than bodies at this time. Not sure if this trend will continue. We have handed out every lens kit on pre-order. The next lens kits in will be for open stock.
    Precision Camera

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