LetsGoDigital has found a Canon patent application with the USPTO for a 360-degree camera, the patent was published on October 4, 2018

The device has 8 cameras that can zoom independently of each other and will overlap each other to make image stitching a breeze. The camera can capture full 360-degree images as well as panoramics.

The camera also comes with a built-in tripod for easy placement anywhere. The device can also be controlled remotely via a computer or smartphone.

It also looks like the camera has various lighting options built-into the orb-shaped body.

This is a pretty detailed patent for what appears to be a product close to production. If we're going to see this type of camera, I would think CES in January will be the place Canon might show it off.

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  1. Seeing this remembered me on the Death Star - maybe a multiple version for Sta r W a Rs XII ?

    I was thinking the same. More along the lines of that little laser shooting droid Luke was practicing against with his lightsaber. This makes me want to watch the original trilogy again.

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