Update on this patent translation from Canon News:

Every now and then we post a patent application and make mistakes on assumptions with the Japanese translations.  This is one of those times, as noted to us, this patent application is not a shutter assembly but another assembly that Canon is looking at simply covering the sensor without using the delicate shutter (or in the case of cameras with global shutters).

We will strive to do better than we apologize for the mischaracterization and reporting on the patent application.

Canon News has uncovered a detailed patent showing what looks to be a compact shutter assembly for a small form factor RF mount camera.

This shutter assembly is extremely small, and Canon News thinks the design is also very cost-effective and would make a lot of sense in the sub-$800 full-frame RF mount camera that I reported on a little while ago.

As you can see from the images below, the camera body that they use for illustrations is quite small, maybe a little bit bigger than the EOS M6 Mark II. Keep in mind that illustrations used in this context aren't always an accurate depiction of what we may see this technology built into.

An RF mount camera in this form factor is missing from the lineup and could give us an idea of how Canon plans to replace the EOS M lineup (which is still up for discussion) or reduce the costs of a full-frame body and appeal to a different kind of consumer.

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