Below is another patent for a multi-layer related sensor patent from Canon has come to light. This is the third one that has appeared in the last month or so.

Keith over at Northlight breaks it down in a way that's easy to understand. “The issue addressed, is light of the ‘wrong' colour being reflected from one layer into another, which reduces the ability of different layers to respond to photons of only a particular range of colours. This has the potential to greatly improve the colour accuracy and fidelity of such stacked sensor designs.

Patent Publication No. 2014-130890 (Google Translated)

  • Publication date 2014.7.10
  • Filing date 2012.12.28
  • Multilayer sensor drawback of
  • G is light, the image quality is degraded and reflected by the surface of the layer between the G and B layer, re-enters the B layer
  • Canon patents
  • The provision of the dielectric film and the insulating film as an anti-reflection film
  • First insulating layer, B layer, a dielectric film, insulating film, dielectric film, G layer, a dielectric film, insulating film, insulating film, dielectric film, the R layer
  • By increasing the thickness of the dielectric film, to suppress the multiple reflection
  • The dielectric film is between the G layer and B layer, the reflectance with respect to G is lower than B

Source: [EG] via [NL]


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