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Patent: Canon EF 135 f/2L w/Apodization Filters

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Canon has filed a patent for an EF 135mm f/2L optical formula with apodization filters.

From Wikipedia (Via TDP):

Apodization is an optical filtering technique, and its literal translation is “removing the foot”. It is the technical term for changing the shape of a mathematical function, an electrical signal, an optical transmission or a mechanical structure. In optics, it is primarily used to remove Airy disks caused by diffraction around an intensity peak, improving the focus.

Patent publication number 2016-218444 (Google Translate)

  • Release date 2016.12.22
  • Application date 2015.5.20
  • Focal length 130.98
  • F number 2.06
  • Field of View 9.38
  • Image height 21.64
  • Lens total length 159.05
  • BF 53.99
  • Even when there is vignetting, a good blurred image at all angle of view

We have not heard anything regarding a new EF 135mm f/2L lens coming in 2017, but we’ll obviously let you know if we do.

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