A macro lens was to be a part of the EOS M's future, and we now see what I think is our first patent for an EF-M macro lens. This optical formula is for an EF-M 55mm f/3.5 Macro for an APS-C sensor.

Patent Publication No. 2015-215391 (Google Translated)

  • Published 2015.12.3
  • Filing date 2014.5.8
  • Focal length 53.73
  • F-number 3.50
  • Half angle (in degrees) 14.26
  • Image height 13.66
  • Overall length of the lens 76.39
  • BF 17.69

While a full frame mirrorless solution from Canon appears to be in the works, we haven't heard anything about what kind of mount the camera would have.

We are expecting some EOS M announcements in the first quarter of 2016.

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