This has certainly been a very busy week for interesting patents. Canon News found another interesting one, it looks to be a development of an OVF/EVF viewfinder for a Cinema EOS camera.

From Canon News:

The mirror is cut out around the sensor, and an EVF is used to “fill in the hole” where the actual super-35 sized hole in the mirror is.  The OVF presentation wraps around, or surrounds the camera EVF view so that when looking through the viewfinder, you have both the EVF view in the center, and a larger mirrored OVF view surrounding it.

This gives the cinematographer to see “beyond” the super-35 angle of view that you would be limited to when using a traditional video camera.

We know another Cinema EOS camera is coming later in 2018 and it's possible we'll see this appear in a consumer product. It seems to be a pretty well developed technology.

More images and breakdown at Canon News.

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