This is what we're told this patent actually is.

“This is not a focus drive patent, it's a SPRINGLESS LEAF SHUTER mechanism. EF Leaf shutter lens that will allow a true 1/1000s are on the drawing board, they just can’t make the Cmos do a clear scan and dump faster than 1/250s no matter what they have tried , and HSS make you loose way too much power.”

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A patent showing a dual motor autofocus for STM lenses has appeared. There is one motor for the STM and a secondary DCM motor. It looks like one motor assists starting the second motor for a faster and smoother operation. The patent information below is Google Translated. If anyone can clarify the patent, please do so in the forum thread associated with this post.

newstm - Patent: Dual Motor For Autofocus on STM Lenses

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-164106
    • Published Date 2014.9.8
    • Filing date 2013.2.25
  • Example 1
    • Moving the aperture one two motors
    • Main motor STM
    • Auxiliary motor DCM
    • And then rotate the first auxiliary motor, to assist the acceleration of the main motor

Source: [EG]


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