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A patent I can read

patent7697063 - Patent Fun
Imaging-device cleaning apparatus

An imaging-device cleaning apparatus is attached to a camera by engaging with a lens mount of the camera typically used for attaching a camera lens. The imaging-device cleaning apparatus includes a nozzle for removing dust and dirt in the vicinity of an imaging section of the camera, and a motor and a fan for supplying air to the nozzle to remove the dust and dirt from the vicinity of an image sensor of the camera.



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  1. Jon Gilchrist on

    Interesting concept. I don’t recall any non-optical accessories that mount to the lens mount. I’m surprised there is only one claim, and there are elements in the patent that would make it easy to get around, but the idea is neat.

    In a nutshell, you mount this thing on your camera, it talks to the camera to make sure everything is ok and then it extends a nozzle to the sensor and blows air on it to clean it. It’s got filters on the inlet & outlet, and a variety of possible power sources. Nifty. If it was $20 I might buy one. If it was $150 I’d use my blower bulb like I do now.

  2. Wow, you’ve stumbled upon a gem. This is the rare Russian PL mount 62.2mm f/1.2. It’s a prototype seeing as it uses rare light diffraction technology in the form of mirrored blades that rotate at about 10 000fps, inducing a special kind of optic current that sucks in the most light possible.

    Really good for night situations. It gives you about a 9 stop advantage. You could use a ND filter at f/32 at ISO 50 and still get a decent handheld night shot.

  3. hmm.. light sucking tech. cool.
    Now that’s what we need, but as an attachment to put on the infinite number of ~3.5~5.6 zoom lenses available today.

    I’d think a well-exposed night shot at f/32 and ISO 50 would make it overexpose every possible shot during the day though.

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