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patent7697063 - Patent Fun
Imaging-device cleaning apparatus

An imaging-device cleaning apparatus is attached to a camera by engaging with a lens mount of the camera typically used for attaching a camera lens. The imaging-device cleaning apparatus includes a nozzle for removing dust and dirt in the vicinity of an imaging section of the camera, and a motor and a fan for supplying air to the nozzle to remove the dust and dirt from the vicinity of an image sensor of the camera.


15 responses to “Patent Fun”

  1. It does not suck air. The camer body recognizes the cleaner device, locks up the mirror, opens the shutter and the cleaner device blows compressed air onto the exposed sensor. The cleaner device attaches as a lens would attach.

  2. Almost useless. At most, it would just move around the non-sticky dust, possibly introducing even more from the front of this contraption since it would be sucking in non-filtered air. And it would do nothing against wet or sticky dust that adheres to the LPF, those would still require a contact cleaning. Nice try though.

  3. It would not be sucking in non-filtered air. The patent states that the incoming air is filtered. The idea is that high enough air pressure would get even sticky dust off. Does it work? I don’t know. Contact cleaning is very likely still necessary, but the invention is directed toward sensor cleaning–something that is much harder to clean manually than the contacts.

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